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As skin disease sometimes not necessarily to life health threat, on people's dailyactivities do not cause what effect, but very "ugly", many of which are quiteannoying, especially the beauty of women. As for the car, although the car paintsome "skin disease" will not affect the performance and safety of cars, but look howuncomfortable, who do not want to own the car "is not.". The following rack end,well hung to some "car common skin disease" to support your recipe, also the car abeautiful face.

The car paint oxidation

All the year round the sun is the main reason to shorten the life of the car paint.The sun's ultraviolet rays will eventually result in automobile coatings. If it is mild oxidation, can be used to remove the wax, once the oxidation serious must be grinding, polishing.

The car paint cracking If your car is the metal paint, it should pay attention to prevent paint cracking.

This is a very slight crack, will continue to penetrate the car paint, until the"breakdown" of the paint layer.

The naked eye is difficult to find the early cracking. When the naked eye canperceive there has been more serious. When the naked eye can perceive there has been more serious. The polishing wax you'll find out body stripes appear,because there is a crack in the wax. Due to the quality problem of the painting, the car paint of resin will also due to "shrink" and cracks. The "skin" can only be used to paint way to heal. Countermeasures: often waxing is a good way to reducecracking occurred, when the crack is still "bud" period, wax can be invisible to the naked eye crack cast.

The paint fading

The paint fading

The smoke and pollutants in the atmosphere is the main reason causing the paintfading, discoloration, especially in the industrial area and the city. Fading,discoloration phenomenon usually cover, roof and trunk lid at the front, the fadingand oxidation of different: oxidation, whole body hair black, white, and fade, the car paint color is not uniform. Fading is due to corrosion of metal paint dust, in the rain,acid alkali compounds on aluminum foil metal paint caused by. Paint is because the pigment and the pollutants paint produces chemical reaction and lead to the change of the color, can appear sometimes pitting.

Response: to prevent the car paint fade, often wax is of course essential, well hung rack end reminds the other field washing can also reduce fade disease, slight illness can fade by wax polish to management. Moderate fade available grinding governance, serious when must re painting.

The car paint water mark

Almost all the car paint all possible water mark, or water. Water mark lines in a ring,water is evaporated. The chemicals in the water mark will continue to react with the paint in the sunshine warming body, thus aggravating "condition". Oxidation of car,washing the car and commonly used spirit have cracked car more easily with water mark disease.

Countermeasures: when the water mark lines slightly, waxing and polishing canremove, serious when need to grind or painting.

The car paint corrosion marks

Erosion and water mark what is the difference? Rack end learned of Enhong water mark phenomenon occurs in the drip a ring, a ring, and corrosion mark is a piece ofthe water, not a circle. Birds and insects relics, leaves, tar, are likely to causeerosion, these substances will produce a chemical reaction and the car paint,began to infiltrate. Osmotic their speed is much faster than the water mark.

Countermeasures: generally only through the painting to dispel the car paint corrosion marks, only very slight can use polishing to solve. Common senior waxpolishing paint helps prevent erosion.

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