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The new energy vehicles to meet the good policy
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According to En Hong rack end noted last week, motorcycle manufacturing,wireless telecommunications services, rare metals, non-ferrous metals, otherstores, food and beverage, aluminium, auto accessories, leisure activities, the portin the top ten. Among them, the port ranked tenth, is among the top tennewcomers. Auto parts industry for nearly a week in the top ten. In July 30th, the national development and Reform Commission official said, recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued the "electric vehicles on issues related to electricity price policy notice". New energy vehicles, the government support is unprecedented, high growth period. 2014 was known as the "Chinesenew energy automobile year", from the beginning to the present policies favorable constantly, especially since July, a variety of good information is come one after another. China new energy automobile charging interface unified, vehicle purchase tax exemption, the new energy reform, "guidance" clearly the popularization and application of the "road map", "notice" of electric charging facilities to support the implementation of electricity price policy, government support for new energy vehicles unprecedented. Well hung rack end said, there is reason to determine thenew energy vehicle is ushered in a wave of good policy is expected to follow, will also have a series of favorable policies, the high growth period. Continue to pay attention to the recommendations favorable policies for new energy vehicles bring the policy of investment opportunities, long-term concern have the core competitiveness and underestimate the value of the new energy vehicle enterprises, focus on the construction of charging facilities and lithium batteryenterprises.

Commercial banks last week rose 47, ranking twenty-sixth. Since late July, the banking sector appears pulse rising for 5 consecutive trading day, the cumulative increase of up to 12%, and in 30 callback. Ping An Securities said, although thecallback, but the bank shares the trend is not optimistic. Overall, in the aspect ofliquidity, profitability and asset quality cannot be put on a par with 12 years, the policy to stimulate the small space; but in the valuation of the level, the body position, the situation may be more advantages. Future catalytic convergence is expected to come from the macro data and micro data, as well as the continuous stimulation of external capital inflows. In addition to cannot cover of peace anddevelopment, continue to be optimistic about the steady performance, faster growth, Chinese News Theme rich varieties, such as China Merchants Bank, Beijingindustrial and. From the valuation point of view, the concept of state-owned enterprises reform opportunity for investors concerned about the bank and Huaxia.

Rack end learned Enhong nonferrous metal nearly three months ranking has continued to rise, currently ranked fourth. The previous week, basic metals rose across the board, aluminum, copper, zinc, lead, nickel, tin rose 0.8%, 2.1%, 4.5%,4.1%, 3% and 1.5%. Anxin Securities said, at present there is a better investmentwindow period of basic metals, to grasp the current major trends, go to. First, the domestic futures prices are still in the first half to follow the trend of buying stage.China starts to ascend the second half price pressure release yield is not fast, sothis wave of price increases will be more fun. Second, the flow, contractions in supply varieties of nickel, zinc, active configuration. A good resource has the high rate of varieties, such as in south of the Five Ridges, Chihong Zinc Germanium, the two is the domestic cheap raw materials, prices started rising rate, good smelting enterprises, such as the Luoping zinc and electricity, Zhuzhou Smelter Group,Yuguang Gold & lead etc.. Third, the aluminum price half strong persistence,opened a good investment window for A shares aluminum plate, continue to actively configuration performance elasticity of the A shares of aluminum target.Such as shares, Yunlvgufen, Zhongfu industry, Jiaozuo Wanfang, Chinesealuminum, Xinjiang Zhonghe, Nanshan aluminum. Fourth, outer metal prices and Astocks style rotation resonance, oversold metal varieties repair market expectedstrong, can also at the bottom of the rare earth, tungsten, appropriate titaniumspecies.

Semiconductor products ranked forty-seventh last week, down 33 over the previous week. The global semiconductor supply nearly equilibrium point, PC recoveryincreased demand, exceeding market expectations. The three quarter is very Wang, four seasons is not light, short cycle China semiconductor industry to benefit from the demand spillover, long period benefit from domestic chip. Well hung rackend said, the focus of national industrial policy support leading enterprises,expansion of investment opportunities more from the external factors to improve and business fundamentals of the enterprise itself, in the background of Chinamainland chip, semiconductor industry chain is expected to accelerate theupgrading and global alternative. Benefit: in core international, long electric technology, Shengyi technology, with the core, the new Shanghai Yang; continue to recommend Zhen Hua technology, Xing Sen technology, industry.

A month to ranking rising industry include: motorcycle manufacturing, rare metal,nonferrous metal, aluminium, port, highway transportation, industrial products tradeand sales, hardware, automobile manufacturing, non-metallic materials, syntheticchemicals, oil drilling equipment and services.

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