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The rain drove note rainy day car water how to do
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 slow down, keep away from the car

Many drivers in the rainy days are often high speed, feel good there is no problem,this is not a good habit. The rain will not only the formation of "water" in the tire, the tire and the ground to reduce the adhesion, but also reduce the friction brake disc,let the brake distance significantly longer. Therefore, well hung rack end remindsthe rain never high-speed driving, braking should be used when the point brake tobrake, or in case of emergency, the emergency brake is also very hard to stop.

Driving in rainy days not only to low slow, more need to maintain sufficient distance with the vehicle in front, overtaking, overtaking, also want to keep enough safe distance with other vehicles and road edge. If you need to stop, to about 100 meters ahead of deceleration, brake, avoid the tire slip, so back to the car have enough time to prepare. In the rain not too close from the truck, the splash will letthe car driver in a few seconds to see the outside of the vehicle, so that it is easy to occur accident.

 straight, do not suddenly change

In the rain should as far as possible to ensure that the straight line travel, speed willslow down. If parking restart vehicles, fuel will also lead to excessive tire spin byswinging around the entire body, you should immediately release the accelerator pedal, steering wheel with both hands change direction, when the vehicle is moved forward, and then slowly filling speed, to ensure stable travel straight. In addition,also don't suddenly change or overtaking, you know, the rainy day road thiscomplex, if all of a sudden overtaking, other vehicles to react, there is no guarantee of timely on the brakes, it is prone to accidents.

The correct use of lights

Rainy days the bad light, light nature must be open, because the light is not only tolet you see the traffic, but also to improve the vehicle identification, so that thevehicle can see for themselves, to avoid accidents. But the lamp to start correctlyaccording to the actual situation: the little light can, open the lamp and the width lamp is the most basic; the poor light rain is big, but also to open the front fog lampand double flashing light; as for the big storm, suggest or do not risk driving, the car stopped at the roadside to open the width lamp and double flash, waiting for the rain to start.

Do not use the high beam light! Let the vehicle coming in the opposite direction the driver's eyes and the front driver's rear-view mirror a vast expanse of whiteness,very dangerous! HERSHEY'S also will not open line of sight lamp, headlight is enough. Then the fog, reaching 200 meters above the visibility can be opened, you usually do not need to open.

 ensure good vision

The rain drove, the clear line of sight is the biggest hidden danger, in addition tothe correct use of lights, it is very important to ensure a clear vision. Produce mistblurred the line of sight of the most common trouble is the windshield glass, at this point you can open the air conditioning switch, with the cold wind blowing glass block; if the rear windshield fog, you need to open the rear windshield glass heated to remove the mist. If it is a low temperature and rainy day, open the heating modeis a good way. The hot air will moisture drying cabin, glass will become clear, andnever again fog. But this method effective slower.

 discretion over the water

The rainy day road area of water is very common, many of the city's drainage system are not enough to meet the heavy rain, the rain in water is an issue formany drivers to worry.

First of all, we need to pay attention to the depth of the water, if the water more than the exhaust pipe, it is easy to make the vehicle flameout, still don't try. If thewater depth is less than half of the tire, the driver can be wading, but slowly,suddenly rushed into the water, it is easy to let the rain water from entering the engine air intake system, resulting in flame. The correct way is to reduce theposition and velocity, smoothly into the water, hold the accelerator, moving forward,and not in the water park. Through the water, continuous brakes water emptying in order to brake disc.

If found in the water of water is more and more deep, the decision to give upforward, reverse direction select detour. For those not familiar with the road, seewater or don't try, don't prefer to detour, road safety choose familiar or no water forgood by. Here to remind you to open the SUV drivers, do not think that SUV can literally waded across the pit, the general SUV is higher than the car chassis, somecity SUV chassis even than cars is high, once the water too deep, the flameout orflameout, the flood is flooded.

 avoid pedestrians

Although usually drive, it is necessary to avoid driving behavior, but the rain is more important to avoid. The rainy day umbrella is the pedestrian not wear a raincoat and rain, interference, vision, hearing will be affected to a certain extent,so drivers need to whistle in the face of pedestrians, slow down the speed patienceavoidance, don't let a little time and pedestrians and non motor vehicles to cut.

What are the treatment method of car water? I met the car water what should we do? According to En Hong rack end has learned that the cars below drain four stepallows you to easily solve the car water problems.

First, the vehicle wading the process if the influent flameout, immediately turn off the ignition switch, do not attempt to start the engine again, the vehicle to a safe place, try to make the vehicle from high to low, so that the water in the outlet pipeoutflow into, avoid damaging the three element catalytic converter, muffler.

Second, the exhaust pipe of the judgment, if the rain into the engine internal,should remove spark

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