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Introduction to the principle of tie rod
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The tie rod, the tie rod assembly, the connecting rod ball joint belong to the auto parts steering system: the rear axle tie rod of the car, located in the rear axle part of the car, is an important connector connecting the two rear wheels of the car, and also an important part to ensure the safe driving of the car. The straight rod and the tie rod are the two main parts of the steering system of the automobile. The straight rod is a rod connecting the pull arm of the steering gear and the left arm of the steering knuckle. After the steering power is transmitted to the steering knuckle, the wheels can be controlled. The tie rod is connected with the left and right steering arms. One can make the two wheels synchronous, and the other can adjust the toe in. The end of the steering rod is connected with the steering knuckle through the ball joint. Because the direct force to turn the wheel has a large force, most of the cars now use hydraulic steering, which reduces the driver's force and makes the steering more flexible and easy to operate.

The principle of steering wheel controlling front wheel turning is that the steering tie rod is an indispensable component of the steering system. The steering torque generated by the driver turning the steering wheel is transmitted to the front wheel through the steering tie rod to realize direction adjustment. The lateral stabilizer is a kind of Regulator designed to maintain the dynamic lateral balance of the vehicle body. The purpose is to make the vehicle achieve the lateral balance as much as possible in the driving process, so as to achieve a safe and comfortable result. This lateral balancer works automatically and does not need any operation. The steering shaft, steering transmission shaft, steering gear, steering rocker arm, steering straight rod, steering knuckle arm and steering tie rod are successively connected under the steering wheel. After turning the steering wheel, the steering shaft and steering transmission shaft are driven to rotate. This torque is input into the steering gear, transmitted to the steering rocker arm after amplification and deceleration, and transmitted to the steering knuckle arm and tie rod through the steering straight rod. It is a vehicle on both sides The wheel deflects a certain angle at the same time, which is the most basic steering principle. In order to reduce the force required by the driver to operate the steering wheel, the actual car is equipped with a special power steering system. In addition, the front wheel is not directly installed on the front axle, but has a certain deflection angle, including the front wheel toe in, caster angle, caster angle, camber angle, etc.

Let's take a look at the strong contrast between the real and the fake rear axle tie rods:

1. Advantages of the original rear axle tie rod: it is made of high-quality metal and produced by advanced technology. The pole body can bear the instant strong pulling force to ensure the driving safety.

2. Fake the drawback of the rear axle tie rod: the connection point is not firm and easy to break. The rod body is usually made of low quality metal material, which can not bear the instant strong tensile force and is easy to deform. Once the steering rod is broken, the vehicle will lose control or overturn, with serious consequences and great harm.

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