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Four moves need to be checked regularly to teach you how to maintain the handbrake
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In the process of using cars, the use rate of handbrake is very high. But the handbrake is not "universal insurance", its efficiency will decline with the increase of the number of uses. In many cases, the Mingming handbrake has been pulled on, but due to system failure or improper use, it fails to play its due role, resulting in accidents. The majority of drivers must pay great attention to the handbrake and should regularly carry out appropriate maintenance and inspection.

Determine the working position of handbrake handle

Like the foot brake pedal, the handbrake handle has a pull stroke. Generally, when the handle is pulled to 70% of the whole stroke, the handbrake braking system should be in the normal braking position, so before checking the braking force of the handbrake, the 70% working point should be found out first, which can be determined by the sound of ratchet wheel. You can park the car in a quiet place, slowly pull up the handbrake, and count the click of ratchet as you pull, until the handle is pulled to the end. Then calculate the 70% position of the total noise, which is the effective working point of the handbrake handle.

Check the efficiency of hand brake mechanism

Drive the car to a slope with a large gradient and a good road condition (preferably asphalt road), step on the brake, put the gear in neutral (if it is automatic transmission, put it in n gear), and pull the handbrake handle to the working point position just determined. Then slowly release the brake pedal. If the car does not slide, it means that the handbrake has good performance. Such inspection shall be carried out once at the uphill and downhill positions respectively.

Test the sensitivity of handbrake

In addition to braking efficiency, the handbrake sensitivity should also be checked, which is particularly important for starting on a slope. Drive slowly on the road without gradient, slowly pull the handbrake handle, and feel the sensitivity and joint point of the handle. This inspection method will make the handbrake mechanism wear, so the inspection frequency should not be too much. In the process of inspection, if the brake efficiency or sensitivity of the handbrake is not ideal, it can usually be solved by adjusting the operation cable of the handbrake. There is an adjustable compensation mechanism at the connection between the bottom of the handbrake handle and the steel cable. The length of the brake cable can be stretched by loosening the lock nut. The adjustment mechanism of some cars can be set at the bottom of the car. If it is inconvenient to adjust, it should be handled by professional maintenance personnel.

Don't use the handbrake when driving at high speed

Many car owners think that in case of brake system failure, they can pull the handbrake to slow down. In fact, this practice is very dangerous. Because the handbrake mechanism is not precise and the distribution of braking force on the left and right sides is uneven, pulling the handbrake at high speed can easily lock the rear wheel on one side and cause sideslip. The right way is to slow down by downshifting and pull the handbrake to stop the car when the speed is very low.

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